What is a panic list and why do I use them for freelancing?

On a wooden desk is a notebook with sticky notes stuck in its pages and a pen on top. Next to the notebook are highlighters and more sticky notes.Guys, I’m so excited to talk to your today about panic lists. A panic list will look different from each person to the next, which means you’ll be able to transform this into whatever you want or need. After all, a professional panic list should always be an individualized thing. Let me tell you all about it!

The magic of panic lists

I’ve talked about panic lists in my blog post, 5 tips to help you stay on task, and now it’s time to dive into why I find them helpful in business. Here are the top things a freelancing panic list can do for you.

  • They help you get all of today’s tasks on paper: One of the most important things to having a successful day is sorting out what you have to do. After all, going about your tasks without a plan can increase anxiety and make you feel like you’re never going to get things done. A panic list puts it all out there for you to see. In that sense, your thinking for the day is done!
  • You can prioritize them however you want: Everyone will prioritize their tasks differently. I like to start with the hardest, most time-consuming thing first. Since I’m an early bird, I enjoy getting up early in the morning and finishing the most challenging tasks. It’s also when my coffee is the strongest, but that’s probably not related…Anyways, take the time to organize your professional tasks in a way you feel will benefit you the most.
  • You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment whenever you take an item off: Now, the best part; checking things off. I will write everything in one color pen, take a highlighter, and cross things out as I get them done. Some people like to scribble them out. Others like to literally rip that line off the page of the paper. Whatever method works for you, go ahead and do it!
  • It helps you organize your day in advance: The other thing you’re going to enjoy is that making a panic list will help you organize the next day. If something doesn’t get done on this day, they immediately move over to the next day’s panic list, and you can start with that first thing tomorrow. Before long, you’ll be planning your whole next day in advance just because you can. It’s an excellent habit for keeping up the motivation at work and feeling like you can accomplish everything.

Why I rely on panic lists for freelancing

Maybe you’re not so impressed with my love of panic lists. That’s okay; I don’t judge. Without a doubt, a panic list is one of the most important tools that I can have to help me keep my freelancing career on track. My panic lists help me organize the smaller things, remember the larger ones, and accommodate the really large ones. It helps me keep on top of everything to do with my business so that nothing slips through the cracks.

Panic lists help keep the panic at bay and can also make you see the benefit and value of planning. What else could you ask for from a mere piece of paper? Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Please share them below!

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