About Kelterss

High-quality business content writing

Kelterss offers a variety of business content writing services.  These include product descriptions, website content, blog posts and beta reading. Kelterss loves anything and everything to do with business content writing.  This is clear in the quality of the delivered writing as well as in the dedication to doing the best job possible every single time.

Real person, real results

Unlike a lot of the so-called professional business writers out there, Kelterss is a real person with real goals.  You won’t have to worry about content that is stolen from other places or lacking in quality.  You won’t need to deal with half-finished pages, or nonsensical sentences.  When you work with Kelterss, you’ll get professionalism from start to finish.  This includes a professional attitude, timely delivery and, most importantly, quality business writing content.

Experience to prove it

Before getting into business writing, Kelterss obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Creative Writing.  This enabled Kelterss to refine and enhance her skills in the field of writing from several view points.  She is thorough, consistent, and passionate about writing.  This comes through in her deliverables.

Having worked as a full-time business content writer for the past 7 years, Kelterss has had many satisfied customers in the past.  Over the years, she has served over 3 ,200 customers while maintaining a 4.9/5 star rating. Kelters offers a professionalism that is constantly being refined with every customer and project that comes her way.

Do you have a need for a professional content writer. If so, you’re in the right place! Contact Kelterss today!

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