5 tips to help you stay on task no matter where you work

Laptop and work station set up in a coffee shop for office workerI’ll be honest.  Some days the words just flow like they are nothing at all.  Other times, it feels worse than trying to get my cat to take his medication.  Staying on task can help provide more of those great days, but sometimes simply keeping your mind on the job is harder than it sounds when you’re working in a chaotic environment.  So, here are some tips to help!

Tried-and-tested 5 tips to help you stay on task

All of these are focus tips that I can personally recommend because they help me stay on task when I’m doing my professional writing jobs, and also when I need to put my mind to something on a more personal note.  If you read my last blog post on how to stay productive when working from home, you know that I love a great work playlist.  Since I’ve already talked about it, here are 5 other tips to help with focus at the office, a crowded coffee shop, etc.

  1. Set a deadline: This is all about that expression that goes something like: “work expands to the time allotted to it”.  To force yourself to get the job done, set a deadline that is long enough to give you time to finish it, but not so long that you can afford to get distracted!
  1. Make a panic list: I’m a huge fan of panic lists!  For those who are unfamiliar with them, make a pen-and-paper list of every single little thing that you absolutely have to get done (professionally) within your selected time frame.  As you accomplish them done, check them off, cross them out, highlight them, etc.  Whatever works to help you externalize the fact that you’re getting stuff done!  The visual reminder of your success is going to really help!
  1. Be realistic in what you’re trying to get done: This is a biggie!  Did you know that most people get off-task because they have so much to do that it “doesn’t matter” if they stay on-task — it’ll never get done in time?  This is something that I learned about 2 years ago and it’s made such a difference.  Be kind to yourself and make sure you aren’t shoving too many things on your agenda for one day!
  1. Don’t let other people/things distract you: From emails to loud cubicle buddies to an espresso machine, keep distractions as far away as possible!  If the physical distance isn’t possible, then put on noise-cancelling headphones and keep your eyes trained on your own station!
  1. Have a reward waiting for you: Pick something that will make you feel like that focus was worth it.  It could be a nice meal, snuggling up with a loved one to watch a movie or just something as “small” as enjoying an evening working on a hobby.  The reward will help you really stay focused when a distraction really tempts you!

Staying on task is all about personalizing focus tips

From my perspective, these all work great.  Some of these may not be as helpful unless you make a few adjustments.  Feel free to personalize these focus tips as much as you want.  If it gets the job done, you must be doing something right!

Do you have any great tips to help you stay on task no matter where you are working from?  Do you find staying on task is easy every single day?  If so, please share your secrets!  

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