How can I be a freelance writer as a side hustle?

A woman with red-painted fingernails moves a black knight on a mini chessboardMy freelance writer career technically started as a side hustle. However, it quickly transitioned to a part-time job and then a full-time one. Sometimes I wish it could have stayed a side hustle for a bit longer to enjoy it for the subtle yet powerful thing that a side hustle can be. If you’re here looking for advice on how to use freelance writing as a side hustle, keep reading!

How to be a side hustle freelancer

Just about kind of freelancing position can be a side hustle. Freelance writing makes a great side hustle and helps you see just what’s possible if you’re ready for it. If you want to stay in the invigorating side hustle stage for as long as possible, here are some tips to follow.

  • Determine your financial goal for the month: While finances shouldn’t be front of mind, they should be rolling around in there somewhere. Set a goal based on what you’d like to make. After a few months, you’ll know how realistic that number is and how much you need to work to hit it. While freelancing is notorious for floods and lulls, this will help you get a general sense of its flow.
  • Set your work boundaries: One of the biggest mistakes of a side hustle entrepreneur is not setting any boundaries. Whether this refers to hours, tasks accepted, or price limitations, this can quickly get out of control. A side hustle should be fun and effective. Keep it that way by setting and enforcing firm boundaries. You’ll be glad you did when the rest of your life gets busy!
  • Experiment and see what works for you: A huge benefit to a side hustle is that there are limited risks. Use this freedom to explore as widely as possible in the broad freelance writing niche. You might find that you’ll find an interest that otherwise might not have crossed your mind! This will help you understand where you do and don’t want to focus your growth, too.
  • Stay in charge of your side hustle: This is a big one, guys. As I mentioned briefly, side hustles can get out of control easily and quickly. Stay in charge of it, and remember your goals and boundaries. Whether setting a maximum amount of work hours per day or week or a financial minimum or maximum, clearly define what you want to achieve with your side hustle; this will help you see when it’s starting to get out of control.

The subtle power of a side hustle

There is so much potential power in having a side hustle working for you. Side hustles can be tricky to manage at first, especially if you are just starting out in freelancing. But they are great ways to engage your creative spirit and see what’s out there waiting for it — and you.

Do any of you use freelance writing as a side hustle? Did you start freelancing as a side hustle? Consider sharing your experience below!

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