How to make more money as a freelancer

Underneath a calculator there is a page of graph paper with script on it from a lead letter. The words "competitive pricing" are circled in redFreelance writers rarely say, “okay, that’s it; I’ve made the most money I want from my freelancing career.” In fact, freelancing can be tricky to get used to as far as reliable income. Luckily, I’ve got some advice on how to make more money as a freelancer to make those ends meet just a little bit easier.

Tips for making more money as a freelancer

Remember that these aren’t going to instantly make you a millionaire. They will help you earn a bit more without adding too much to your plate as far as time or effort. The goal is to help earn more but not unnecessarily overcharge clients. Here are the ones that I regularly use!

  • Specialize in niches: While I am a general business content writer, I specialize in product descriptions. I specialize in specific niches, including fashion, fitness, mental health, and pet care/education. Specializing in niches that are interesting to you allows you to use your expertise to help your clients out. While I don’t charge more for that niche writing, I charge more for my knowledge and education within those niches. It also helps me write more about the topics I love the most, which helps me work faster.
  • Upgrade education: Speaking of knowledge, upgrading your education is a great idea, too. You can do a formal degree if you want to, but I took a DIY approach and started reading self-help books related to my career path. These helped me learn the technical terms for the concepts I had already learned experientially. Keeping educated and specializing in that education further helps you always stay current. It also can help you narrow in on how you want to specialize further, which will support you in “climbing the ranks” in professional freelancing.
  • Offer paid extra services: I offer a base service for a specific price. From there, I offer extras that customers can add to that base service at an extra charge. Some of my more popular extra services include 24-hour delivery, keyword creation, a readability score rating/adherence, and enhanced editing. This allows me to be paid more for the extra time and effort needed to provide these services.

Freelancing can be profitable

You’ll hear stories about freelancers making 6 figures a month with little effort and other stories about equally professional freelancers struggling to keep the lights on. Both are valid. While there’s no shortcut to making 6 figures a month (if so, someone, please fill me in), you can help your bottom line increase by following these money-making tips. The thing to remember is that your financial success is not the most important aspect of freelancing. That being said, financials do understandable factor in!

Any freelancers who are reading this that want to offer advice on helping earn more money? Do you have any questions or concerns about making a profit from freelancing? If so, please ask away!

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Kelterss is an experienced freelance business writer and holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Creating Writing. Having served over 3 ,200 customers while maintaining a 4.9/5 star rating, Kelterss is looking to focus her professional services in writing product descriptions and blog posts.

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