My top writing tools for professional use

A briefcase showing all sorts of stationary. Incudes different coloured stock paper, pens, cable ties, and more.Like any other professional out there, I’ve got tools that I’m come to love as I settle into my career as a full-time writer. Also, just like any other professional, my favourite tools help me work more efficiently and feel like I’m putting my effort where it’s most needed. Plus, you know, they’re kinda fun!

My top must-have professional writing tools

Here are my top choices that I rely on for keeping my writing career on track. It’s funny when I say it that way, but it’s true! Could I survive without these writer tools? Yes, probably. Do they make writing full-time easier? Yes, undoubtedly!

  • A desktop computer and a backup computer: Yes, you read that right. I’ve worked from laptops and desktops, and I definitely prefer the much more powerful and comfortable desktop set-up. The larger screen is nicer, too. However, a backup computer is essential because a desktop is a useless hunk of metal when the power goes out (or even flickers). When you choose your combo, go with two that work well together. For instance, choose a desktop and a laptop that share an ecosystem. More of a touchscreen person? Tablets and even smartphones have come a long way! Having them from the same ecosystem minimizes data loss and downtime as you sync, etc.
  • A flip-friendly Oxford English Dictionary and Thesaurus: I still prefer having a classic paper dictionary and thesaurus as much as I love technology. I use both almost daily for my writing, so they sit on my desk. I mention “flip-friendly” because you don’t want to have one so frustrating to flip through that you don’t use it. Or too heavy to move around your desk as needed. Personally, I use a mini dictionary* and mini thesaurus* because they’re the most comfortable for me to use, flip through, and add bookmarks as needed.
  • A dependable paper planner: If you’ve read my past blog posts before, you know that I love my paper planner! Everyone’s choice is different, and their needs are different. While the planner changes every year, they also fit the same need: large enough to write all of my deadlines and meetings but small enough to stick in my purse or portfolio. I’m also a sucker for a bleed-free, good-quality paper.
  • Sticky notes: Whether I use them for making panic lists, sticking onto planner pages as reminders, or just to jot down notes on the fly, sticky notes are essential. I tend to have different sized ones for different needs. A word to wise: get a good-quality brand; otherwise, the stickiness will not be so, well, sticky. And take it from me: there is nothing more frustrating than a sticky note that just won’t stick! No, I’m not being dramatic. Well, maybe a little bit. But, you get my point, right? I go classic with Post-It*!

Professionalism is in the details

When you fill your toolkit with your professional writing tools, all of them are designed to help you lower your frustration and maximize your productivity. For me, these tools help. Next, I’ll be talking about my favourite apps and online tools for writing!

Do you have any tools that you just can’t live without as a professional freelancer? If so, please share below!  Did any of these surprise you?

*NOTE: I am not endorsing any of these products or companies, nor am I earning a commission!  I’m simply just sharing what I find the most helpful.

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