How to control your temper on the job

A business woman with a determined face and in a determined stance standing in front of a windowWhen the bad days roll, and you’re dealing with one frustrating customer after another, your temper is going to rise. It doesn’t matter how professional you are or how dedicated you are to doing the right thing. Emotions arise, and sometimes controlling your temper is going to be easier said than done. This is one of the things that I needed the most help with. Hopefully, they are helpful for you too!

Top tips for controlling your temper

So, unlike my similar previous topics, I’m assuming that you’ve done all of those things had you still feel like your blood is boiling. It happens to all of us, so don’t worry if you’re feeling like this. I get like that too, after all! The key is making sure you know what to do to prevent a blow-up.

  • Always wait for a beat before replying: If you say something back immediately, your temper may tip over. Deliberately take a breath or count to three in your head. It also proves to the customer that you are in charge of this and they aren’t. It also may make them think twice about coming at you for another round if you “insist” on drawing out your reply.
  • Speak/Write slowly and deliberately: When you speak or type/write slowly and deliberately, you can avoid their nastiness and make sure that you say what you need to without losing your cool. It’s going to be challenging and frustrating, especially if this is happening in person or on the phone, but it is a great way to keep your temper firmly in check.
  • Remind them of your role/limitations/boundaries: If they are making you angry because they’re trying to get something out of you that you won’t or can’t do —regardless of the reason — remind them of that. Using something like the broken record technique, keep circling back to that. This will help you calm down, too, because it legitimizes your standpoint. Works like a charm for me, and it’s one of my favourite go-to options in my personal life, too.
  • Detach yourself from them personally: Professionally, you have to engage. But personally, take a step back and let your professional persona take over. You’d be surprised how quickly you get control over your temper again. It’ll help you see it in perspective too.

You are not who they think you are

In this case, this is an excellent thing. If a customer has got you to the point where you are losing your temper, they’ve crossed several lines and are generally being terrible people, to be frank. So, be better than them and show them that you are who you think you are, rather than who they think you are.

Being a professional means that you’re going to have to, well, be professional. These tips always help me keep from losing my temper (for the most part). This means that I can walk away from it and know that I’m the professional and that they aren’t.  

Does anyone else have any tips they’d like to share? The more, the better as far as I’m concerned!

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