3 things the young writer should know

Mother and daughter on computer at a desk with notebooks, pencils and paper. Mother is helping daughter with her work.A young writer is full of promise and potential.  They have a new voice, a new perspective, and a whole lot of energy that is focused on helping them find success.  However, anyone who’s been a professional writer for a few years knows that there are also some serious tests coming their way.  Here are some of the most important things that a writer should know!

Top 3 things the young writer should know

While these are hard truths, they’re also intended as encouragement.  As an experienced writer myself, I love seeing new voices coming along.  The more writers we have, the more perspectives.  To protect those unique and young voices still getting used to things, here are 3 things to keep in mind!

  1. Protect your content like it’s gold: There’s always going to be someone who wants to read your writing.  If it’s someone that you know and trust, go for it.  If it’s not someone that you know well, though, protect your content first.  Even if it’s a professional writer who “just wants to help”.  Your content is fresh gold and there are a heartbreakingly high amount of people who know that and will try to take it from you.  From copyright to just plain refusal, protect your content unless you can trust the person with it.
  1. Education is never going to hurt you: From a university degree to tailored classes on elements of writing, education will only help you be a better and stronger writer.  Take courses on the history of writing, grammar, linguistics, etc.  Learn about anything that helps you strengthen your writing.  No one is so good at writing to never find any benefit in writing classes!  Also, as you’ve heard before from many famous writers, you need to read, read, read, and read some more.
  1. Not all professional writers are popular: We all know a handful of famous writers, of course.  However, keep in mind that many, many legitimate professional writers will never be household names.  From screenplay writers to technical writers, there’s just no glamour in it.  Just because you never “make it big” as a professional writer doesn’t mean that you aren’t good enough.  I don’t say this often, but I will here: If someone likes your writing enough to pay for it, it’s the highest compliment that you can receive — and a sign that you’ve made it.  The rest is just marketing!

Young writers are valuable

For reasons that are beyond me, there’s a general snobbery around letting new young writers into inner circles.  Personally and professionally, I love offering advice to new writers.  In fact, I’ll be putting a post together for next time all about top things I’d wish I’d known when I started writing.  How can we ever expect new writers to succeed if we aren’t there to guide them?  

If you’re a young writer reading this right now, please hear this: your voice matters and you can do this!  Don’t ever let anyone else tell you differently.

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