Tips to set up a home office 

A desk in front of a window containing a large computer monitor and a laptop, as well as a phone ,a class of water, a pen, a notepad, and glasses.Whether you’ve made the jump to start working from home as a freelancer, or COVID-19 has left you scrambling to set up a home-based permanent office for the foreseeable future, I’m here to lend my advice to make it a reality.

Why should you care?

I didn’t take this seriously when I started my business over 5 years ago.  At first, I just set up a rickety hand-me-down desk with an uncomfortable chair and a laptop to work from in my living room.  However, that very quickly led to working from the couch (yes, in my PJs).  

However, I decided I wanted to be a Very Official Business Person, so I started taking a look at setting up an actual office in my home with a door and everything.  This turned out to be the best decision ever, even though I fought it half the way.  

When you feel professional in a carefully designed space for your office gear, it really does a lot to help you stay focused and on the job, no matter what the kids are doing in the next room.  Plus, it’s nice to be able to just put on your work hat when you enter the room, and then take it off again when you leave.  So, without further ado…

Top tips for an easy office set-up

These tips can be customized to work for your office space, be it a nook, or a separate bedroom.  They can also be scaled to include whatever gear and equipment you need.

  • Buy a comfortable office chair: You’re going to spend a lot of time in it, so actually test and try out a few office chairs so that you can find the right one.  If you can afford it, get one with all of the bells and whistles and adjustments (including health-related ones) so that you can adjust it as needed.  It’s well worth the cost!
  • Paint your space an inspiring colour: Some people get into the psychology of colours (go ahead, if that’s your thing), but I like to keep it simple.  Paint your space a colour that energizes and motivates you when you walk in and see it on the walls.  
  • Create a space that you actually want to spend time in: This could be whatever best suits your preferences.  Maybe it’s adding plants, nice curtains, a bookshelf, whatever makes the space feel comfortable and productive.
  • Don’t set it in stone: Just because you set it up and hate it doesn’t mean that you have to live with it.  For instance, I changed my computer twice and even designed my own desk because I didn’t like the ones I was looking at in stores.  Make it work for you, even if that vision changes as you adapt to working from home.

A well-designed office is a productive office

Seriously, guys.  Whether you’re working from home for your normal job, you’re self-employed, or you simply want a productive space to pen the next bestseller novel, the space that you create is going to be successful or not-so-much depending on how you design it.  No pressure.

Have any tips that you want to share?  Are you a firm couch-and-PJ-employee and proud of it?  Tell me why!

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