The best freelancing platforms

Person searching with binoculars in between two stacks of booksAs some of you may know, I split my time between working privately with clients as well as offering my services in business content writing through Fiverr.  When I started out, there wasn’t much out there for trustworthy online platforms to advertise my services, but now there seems to be one on every virtual corner!  If you’re looking at getting involved with freelancing platforms, you’ll want to take the time to figure out what the best one is.

The best freelancing platforms

Before I dive in, I just want to be clear that is not about recommending one over the other. This isn’t sponsored or even opinionated, really. It’s just some things I’ve noted in the dabbling I’ve done in platform-based freelance writing

  • Crowd Content: I tried out Crowd Content a few years ago when things were slow and I was trying to figure out how to get some cash flowing in. While it wasn’t something I ever was very successful with, I really admired the fact that Crowd Content asked for its writers to stand up for themselves. You are required to apply for jobs that are hiring, and explain why you’re a good fit. Some allowed you to state payment terms, too. For those with more experience and comfort in their professional writing skills, Crowd Content is a great option. 
  • Upwork:I came to Upwork pretty late. The online marketplace was well saturated by that time and I didn’t have enough unique credentials for them to approve my profile and gig page.  While it perhaps should have made me angry, I actually really appreciated it!  Upwork, though I wasn’t one of the winners to earn a spot there, is clearly dedicated to making sure that there isn’t an impossible amount of freelancers vying for the same customers. It really prioritizes giving everyone the best chance to succeed because it’s careful with who gets in through the door.  Gotta love that professionalism. 
  • Fiverr: This is where I started my freelance writing career.  What I find really helpful with Fiverr is that they do the marketing for you. You are responsible for uploading your own gigs and for responding to messages, but customers are the ones who choose to order from you.  You don’t need to apply for jobs (though you can if you want to), but instead sit back and wait for customers to come to your doorstep with a job for you, specifically, to do. 

Choosing the right platform

All of these platforms have pros and cons to them.  As I said, I’m not here to recommend one over the other because every freelancer is different. If you are searching for the right online hub to advertise your freelance skills, my advice would be to find the most popular ones and consider all of them!  Most platforms don’t mind if you are on more than one and it gives you a bigger reach, too. 

Over time, as I did, you’ll find which platforms you prefer most and why. Maybe you’ll even discover that platform freelancing isn’t the way you want to go, and you’ll progress to working privately (also, me).  

Do you have a favourite freelancing platform?  Is there any reason why you like or dislike any of my examples?  Share the word!

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