The best words ever

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Okay, so right off the top: this is going to be a controversial topic.  Why?  Because it’s no secret that all writers love words!  We work with them day-in and day-out and we’ve all got our favourites.  However, it isn’t too often that any of us agree on what the best words ever are.  Below are some of my favourite words that tickle me in all of my happy writer places.

The best words ever

It took me quite a while to decide on my favourite words.  Because I spend most of my time writing business content, my word use is pretty specific to that language.  However, most of my favourite words come from creative writing.  Here they are:  

  • Snick: This is a word I learned about recently.  It quickly made its way to the top of the list of best words ever because it’s so descriptive!  It might be a single syllable and look a lot like the word most of us use (click), but it’s so much stronger.  Even if you’re reading that word for the first time in a phrase such as, “The door snicked shut behind them,” you automatically hear the sound as well as the emotion behind that word.  Sometimes it’s more of an “I’m sneaking out, so I have to be careful” vibe.  Other times it’s a “I don’t want you to go but I know you have to so I’m going to shut the door sadly” feeling.  My favourite evocative word without question.
  • Pinwheel: I want to be clear that I am referring this to its verb form and not the actual pinwheel itself.  Similar to the first word, this one is a favourite of mine because you can clearly understand the body language and emotion behind a scene when someone is pinwheeling towards you.  It’s all about desperation and getting to the person or thing that they’re moving towards.  It’s easy to visualize and connect with.  Even if it is different to all of us, it gives us all of the right feels. 
  • Trinket: This is just a word that makes me smile whenever I see it or hear it.  It’s intended to be a synonym for trivial or cheap: “She got a trinket in her cereal box this morning”, for example.  But for me, it brings up the image of people happily enjoying something special just for them.  It isn’t a word that I use often, but whenever I read it in a book or when it comes up in conversation, just the sound of it makes me smile. 

There are a bunch more that I could share, but it would be so hard to put together a longer list for fear of missing something.  These are just the first three best words that came to mind when I thought up this topic in the first place.  

Share your own best words ever!

There’s never been a more important blog post ever in the history of the online world — no, I’m not being dramatic — that needs your comments.  Share your favourite words below and keep an eye out for the upcoming post about the worst words ever!

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