How to win over a customer

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As if researching, writing and editing weren’t enough to handle as a professional writer, you also have to figure out creative ways to win over the customer.  With all of the competition out there, it may seem that trying to keep the customer interested is an impossible task, but you’ll be pleased to learn that it isn’t.  It simply goes back to the core concept of why you’re in business in the first place: because you’re good at what you do.

Make yourself stand out as a business content writer

There are quite a few things that I could put on this list as far as keeping the customer interested in your services as a business content writer, but here are some of the bigger categories to keep in mind.

  • Do your research: Before you interact with customers, get a feel for what you want to offer.  Is your rate competitive?  If it’s higher than the average rate, can you justify why?  What kinds of additional perks can you offer your customer?  Do you want to offer paid revisions or free ones?  What kind of information should you offer upfront as far as turnaround time?  Understand all of these things so that you can just rattle them off to the customer when they ask.  They’ll appreciate your professionalism.  
  • Stay professional no matter what: Another way to impress your customer and have them coming back to you each time they need a freelance writer is to always keep your cool and stay professional.  Meet your deadlines, answer communications properly and generally understand how to maintain a professional relationship with the customer.  Don’t let things get heated or, even worse, personal.  This will send them running every time and it won’t get you anything other than a lost sale and potentially an angry customer.
  • Focus on building a good relationship with your customer: From disagreements to explanations, always try to grow and maintain the relationship that you have with your customer so that they know that you care about them and their needs.  They’ll appreciate the extra time it takes and it means that they’ll want to come back to you every time they need content writing done.  After all, they’re going to choose the writer that makes them feel the best.

Adapt as you go

You’ll probably learn by experience that there are other details to help win over the customer as you go.  Some may be widespread with anyone you deal with and others may be more customer-focused in which you’ll want to keep notes so that you are consistent each time.  For example, some customers per no justifications, or size 14 font, or pre-formatted text, etc.  Don’t rely on your memory.  Write it down in a computer file labelled with their company name (or on paper if you prefer) and always check with it before you start on a new project.

This is all okay to do to keep it straight from customer to customer.  Actually, it’s a good thing.  Knowing what the customer needs and wants is the key to making a profitable professional relationship between customer and writer.  Are there are any tips that you have for winning over a customer?  Sharing is caring!

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