How to make this year the best ever as a writer

Spelling out resolutions in scrabble letters with three coloured sticky notes

It’s a brand new year, people!  With that comes New Years resolutions and promises to yourself and your loved ones.  Amongst your fitness and happiness resolutions, however, have you made time and space for your writer ones?  No matter what kind of writer you are, you should always make sure that you have appropriate and exciting writer-related goals for a new year.  It’s easier than you think to enjoy a wonderful new year.

Give yourself a wonderful year as a writer

  • Figure out your writer goals: Maybe it’s to pass a certain amount of customer orders in a year.  Maybe it’s to take on more niche-specific jobs that help you to fine-tune your skills.  Whatever you want your focus to be for this year, make it a reality by putting it down on pen and paper and putting it somewhere where you will see it every single day.  This will help you remember what you want to accomplish and help you to make it a reality as well.
  • Carve out dedicated writing time every day: One of the biggest things is to make sure that you make time for writing.  Whether you’re a professional writer as a career or a hobby writer who enjoys writing for fun, you should take the time every day for writing and stick to it even when you’d rather be doing anything else.  Don’t make it too ambitious, though.  If you know you can’t handle 3 hours a day, go with 1 hour or even 30 minutes.  There’s nothing wrong with continuing to write even after that time is up after all.
  • Ignore the naysayers: From negative reviews to nosey neighbours or family members, don’t let their negativity enter your life.  You are a writer and your writer-related goals are important.  Don’t let anyone talk you out of your dedicated writing time or ignore your needs as a writer.  Even on a bad day where you are pounding your head against your keyboard, remember: you are a writer and your writer-related goals are important.
  • Read lots: Most writers love reading, so this should be an easy one!  That being said, push yourself to try a little bit of everything.  Look outside of your niche or preferred genre and enjoy something completely and entirely different.  You’ll be able to learn something from everything that you read.
  • Consider mentoring a beginning writer: Whether you want to do this officially through a school program or just cheer on a fellow writer that you know, you’ll enjoy your role as a writing mentor and they’ll love that they’ve got some established support encouraging them to succeed.  We’re all in this together and we may as well support each other, writer to writer.

Make 2020 your most successful year as a writer by taking the time to understand what you want to get out of it.  Preparation is key and what better time to start than right now, today on January 1st?  Turn over a new leaf and enjoy the best year of your life!

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Kelterss is an experienced freelance content writer and a published author based in New Brunswick, Canada. She writes website content, blog posts, and product descriptions for customers worldwide. Kelterss specializes in writing about mental health, fitness, and dog behaviour. Freelancing since 2014, Kelterss has earned over 3,200 reviews and has a 4.9/5-star rating.

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