4 Writer-friendly Christmas gifts

Gifts in focus with Christmas wrapping paper and ribbons. Decorated Christmas tree blurred in the backgroundWhether you’re ready or not, the holidays are fast approaching and now is the time to start figuring out what you want to get everyone.  One of the hardest people to buy for is going to be the writer in your life.  From an amateur to a professional writer, here are some tried and tested great writer-friendly gifts that you can consider to make your holiday shopping spree easier and, of course, a little more writer-y.

Great gifts for writers:

Here are some of my favourite options when you are looking for something unique but still thoughtful for the writer in your life.

  1. A Clippy Backpack: Any writer who loves true writer-themed accessories is going to adore this unique backpack.  Telling the tale of Clippy — the dancing Microsoft paperclip — this backpack is splashed with distorted writing and looseleaf designs that make it all about writing.  Can you read the story?  Well, no, not right off the backpack itself, but it’s so adorable you won’t even care!  Plus the backpack itself is sturdy and perfectly sized to hold all of your writer-based necessities.
  2. 642 Things to Write About: A Journal: This book is an incredible inspiration when you are looking for a little something to get you going after being away from writing for a while.  With over 600 writing prompts that will get your imagining revving into high gear this will become your go-to when you hit a bump in the writing road.  Fun to flip through at random, this is sure to get the writer typing away again.
  3. Anything from Litograph: Any writer is going to adore anything that you can get from Litograph.  The key is to choose the right manuscript to go onto the mug, shirt, scarf or blanket.  However, with all of the best of the classics to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding just the right manuscript to put into print.  You can even choose to match their favourite colours.  
  4. A writer’s block: This is fantastic, especially if you are a joker.  This writer’s block is a literal block of wood that you can give to a writer that seems to struggle with it.  This will make them laugh, and it might also give them inspiration when they are dealing with figurative writer’s block!

Christmas gift shopping can be difficult, especially when it comes to the ever typing writer in your life.  That’s why these writer-themed gifts are going to be so great.  Not only are they easy to find in all of your favourite online spots, they’re also affordable and bound to make the positive impact you’re hoping for on Christmas morning. What are some of your go-to options for the writers in your life?  Have you ever received anything special under the tree that made you feel especially writer-y?

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