How to get over writer burnout

burned out match with white smokeLet’s be honest, guys.  Accepting that you have writer burnout can be difficult.  It’s not so much identifying our feelings, it’s more about actually facing the fact that we have writer burnout itself.  After all, we’re writers at our core.  Shouldn’t we be able to write 23 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year?  Of course not, no.  But, we still expect it of ourselves anyway.

Accept writer burnout for what it is

Easier said than done, but this is important to make a priority.  Denial doesn’t get you anywhere, and the more that you try to push through it and ignore it, the more severe it can be.  Writer burnout can feel different for everyone, but once you feel it once, you’ll know it in the future, too.  Always a silver lining, right?

Tips to get over writer burnout

So now that you are ready — willingly or not — to accept that writer burnout is something you do need to deal with, let’s learn how to, well, deal with it.  Here are some of the most useful tips that I’ve found helpful to rekindling that writing spark.

  • Focus on non-writing hobbies: I know, I know.  Other hobbies are so “meh”.  But, putting your undivided attention onto something other than your writing is going to help your brain take a much-needed break.  While you focus on your not-so-secret love of paper dolls, your creative brain will be rebooting and percolating in the background so that you can get back to that page and feel like you are reborn.


  • Get together with other writers: Don’t give me that look!  Getting together with other writers is a fantastic way to help you see the joys of writing again.  When you see how well other writers are doing, it can help kickstart that creative spirit.  Conversely, it’s also really helpful to know that other writers are struggling, too.  Stay involved in your local writing community and remember to make the most out of those connections. 


  • Try a new environment: If you’re firm on sticking with writing — or deadlines prevent you from stepping away — it could be helpful to try writing in a different physical space.  Try a busy shopping centre, the seaside, or even just a different room in your home.  You never know what can help.

It doesn’t need to be forever

One of the most common fears is that writer burnout is going to last forever.  I promise you, it will pass and you will write again.  You simply have to take a beat to remember you are more than just a writer.  Yes, really. 

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