Product Description Samples

Here you’ll find product descriptions that Kelterss has written in the past. This page features self-generated samples that will help you get a feel for how professionally written engaging product descriptions are intended to look, read, and feel.  If you have questions, please feel free to get in touch.  Interested in ordering?  You can do so here!

Self-generated samples of product descriptions

A young woman sits on a doorframe in a casual position wearing black jeans, a green top and a lace white cardigan shirt. She looks to the right.

Modern Jeans Meets Comfort Leggings

Creating the right look and feel when you leave the house in the morning takes a lot of effort, doesn’t it ladies?  While we can’t solve all of your problems, we can help arm you with your new favourite pair of jeans, and they’re going to be so fantastic you won’t even know what hit ya!

In a dark rich hue that is not quite black but not quite blue – great for matching – you’ll get a slim fit that is going to hug your natural curves without making you feel like you’re strapped in so tight it’s uncomfortable.  Imagine, form-fitting jeans that don’t make you feel like you’re losing circulation to your feet!  But, it’s here, and it’s got lots of stretch and comfort to its design.

These are intended to give you the modern style you need – thanks to the fit and the ripped knees – with the comfort that you crave, so that fashion and comfort can go hand in hand just as you need it to.

  • Made to last so that you can wear these all week and then even enjoy them on the weekend, too.
  • Really are comfortable for the right feel that is going to make you in a fashionista without the discomfort.
  • Classic skinny fit and middle-rise so that you can pair them with your favourite shirt, even if that changes every single day.


A brown puppy looks to the left with a red bandana on his collar

Red Dog Collar Bandana

Your pooch is his own person – er, dog – so that means that he also has his own sense of style that doesn’t very often get explored. If you’re looking to dress him up for a special occasion, why not do it with this adorable pet-friendly red dog collar bandana?

A rich red that you match to his collar, like this lucky pup, or allow to contrast in a thoroughly modern way, this bandana will look sharp hanging around your dog’s neck. With a gentle texture in place to draw the eye and quality craftsmanship that guarantees longevity, your dog will be able to look his best for many years to come.

  • Available in multiple sizes to match all dogs
  • Easy to put on or take off
  • Machine washable
  • Subtle enough for everyday wear, or can be used only for a special occasion


Three perfume bottles are in diagonally lined up on a wooden table. The blue one is closest to the camera, then there is an amber one, and then a clear one

Timeless Perfume in Designer Reusable Bottle

Despite what your childhood memories may tell you, perfume doesn’t necessarily have to be an overpowering floral wave that hits you smack in the face when Grandma swoops in for a hug. It can be dainty, gentle, and any scent that you want.

This dainty and delicate perfume right here is no exception. Created, tested, and perfected to make sure that every bottle that arrives on your doorstep is of the very top quality, we want you to know that our prime focus is always in providing you with the best of the best.

Our options include:

  • Blue bottle: A gentle fresh air base with added touches of lily for a gentle, understated aroma.
  • Amber bottle: A holiday favourite, this features a warm brown sugar base with gentle infusions of vanilla and a slight floral accent. Perfect for bakers.
  • White bottle: A lavender base awaits you with undertones of fresh air and even a hint of freshly mown grass.

All focused on being additives to your traditional cosmetics routine, each of our reusable bottles will portion the perfect amount for you in just one pump. Ideal for the shopper looking for something just a little different.

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