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Here you’ll find blog posts that Kelterss has written in the past. This page is a combination of past customers’ blog posts (added here with permission), as well as some self-generated samples that will help you get a feel for how professionally written blog posts are intended to look, read, and feel.  If you have questions, please feel free to get in touch.  Interested in ordering?  You can do so here!

Real blog posts from past customers

teen relationships and texting what you need to know
No matter how much you might want to avoid it, there is going to be a day when your teen starts to date. Maybe they’ve swooned and crushed on cute classmates or friends before, but there will soon come that time when they will enter into a formal relationship… Read the full blog post here!




The positive impacts of social mediaOnline lives are commonly busier, now, than offline lives. With the global reach of social media, everyone can know everyone else’s business, just by checking Facebook or Instagram, amongst the other popular social media platforms…Read the full blog post here!

6 tips for managing depressionAccording to new data from Blue Cross Blue Shield, depression is on the rise for just about everyone in the US.  As such, knowing how to deal with it in a healthy way is critical… Read the full blog post here!

Self-generated blog post examples

A woman sits against a brick wall in disheveled clothing and drinking alcohol. Around her are crumpled up pieces of paper

Work Day Blues

Just one look at this photo and you can understand everything that’s going on in it, am I right?  It’s Friday night, 7pm and all you want to do is go out and have some fun before the weekend is over and it’s back to the daily grind again.  But, you have to work. When you work from home, there’s that guilt that sets in whenever you’re not working and conscious.  Sound familiar?  Well, luckily for you, work day blues can be cured by simply making sure that you portion out your time properly, and there are some great tips here to help you have your fun time without neglecting your work time.

  1. Set an alarm and live by it: Your alarm is going to tell you when to get up, when to start work, when to take breaks, when to stop for the day, and when to go to bed at night.  Yes, that’s a lot of alarms, but it’ll help you make sure that you always know what to do and when to do it!  Now, most importantly, don’t snooze those alarms.  Live by them.
  2. Choose your days off in advance: If you have certain days that you need off, booking them off from your work schedule is fine, but you need to book a certain amount of time off each way for your sanity and non-work life, too.  Pick those days in advance and make sure you don’t bow out early the day before, or take an extra day off where you can’t afford it.  Stick to the schedule and remember that being your own boss can be a pain sometimes.
  3. Don’t slack, and don’t overwork: When you are actually working, try your best to keep to a good pace.  Don’t work too slowly and leave yourself rushing to get everything done from your determined quitting time, but make sure that you aren’t working too hard so that you’re done by, say, 2pm on a workday that spans to 6pm.  Take your coffee break, make sure that you are comfortable and, you know, enjoying your work day.
  4. Have a venting buddy: Having someone to complain to is amazing, and when you work from home, it’s hard to have that. After all, your dog or cat can only listen to so much before they get bored, so make sure that you a have venting buddy to call up and listen to your problems (before they turn it around and do the same thing with you) so that you can get everything off of your chest.

Making sure that you’re in the right kind of situation to be able to enjoy your work day sounds hard, but these tips are going to help you see that you can, in fact, make the work day blues transform into just a plain ol’ work day.  Keep yourself on track, stick to the schedule and try to enjoy yourself!  And stay away from the fridge.  Trust me, it’s for your own good!


A young blonde woman in a purple sweater hues a tabby kitten who is looking to the right

Top 4 Reasons Cats are Great Roommates

Cats often get a bad reputation. They’re depicted as pets of the bad guys on TV, or they are seen hissing or screeching in an alleyway in the dead of night. The reality is, cats are as amazing as dogs when it comes to the companionship and a loving personality. Not convinced? Take a look at the top 4 reasons why cats can, in fact, be great roommates.

  1. They’re clean: Cats are notorious for being very picky. For example, cats only sleep on clean laundry, because they aren’t going to soil themselves by sleeping on the dirty pile, are they? Annoyance put aside, cats are very clean creatures overall. They don’t make a mess using the litter box or spill their food all over the place. The worst you’ll get is a few tufts of fur around your home. When compared to the warpath that dogs can sometimes leave in their wake, this can be a huge blessing.

  2. They don’t destroy your stuff (mostly):Even the best well-behaved dogs are known for chewing up a shoe, or perhaps gnawing away at your table leg when you’re away from home. When it comes to a dog that is not-so-well-behaved, it gets worse. Cords for electronics, food, clothing, garbage, you name it. A dog will chew and/or eat it. Cats, on the other hand, tend to leave your belongings alone. While there are some instances of them knocking things off of tables or having a nibble on the occasional earbud wire hanging in front of their faces, they tend to be content to mind their own business.

  3. They’re quiet: Cats are quieter than dogs. For this point, it really is that simple. Dogs bark at anything that moves, and even at things that don’t move. They bark outside, they bark inside, and they bark at all hours of the day and night. Other than a purr and a few meows to socialize as they breeze past you, cats are very quiet creatures. No claws clicking on the floors or barking at a leaf skittering across the street. Just tiny little noises that’ll save your ears (and those of your neighbours) a lot of wear and tear.

  4. You earn their love:One of the sticky points that hard-core dog lovers get caught up on is that cats are picky in their love. This is true in some cases, and in others, cats can be even more loving than dogs. Even in the worst case scenario where you need to earn a cat’s affection is a great thing, however. Dogs will snuggle up to whoever smells the most like food simply because they love food. When a cat chooses to curl up on your lap or rub against you, you know that you truly are loved.

Dogs can be excellent companions, there’s no question about it. But, if you’re looking for a low-maintenance roommate who is going to be clean, non-destructive, and honest in their feelings, the best roommate by definition is going to be cat.

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